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Hi! I’m Madeline, a born-and-raised Brooklyn girl who has always lived an active lifestyle, which began with my first passion of horseback riding at the age of five.  When I introduced weight training to my regimen at the age of 16, it quickly became a new passion, first wit home fitness routines and a couple of years later upgrading to gym-based workouts.  Soon, I discovered the world of healthy cooking while studying and living at Fordham University.  I’ve since merged all of my passions together in the  health and wellness space, and have created this blog to share my passions with those like-minded or who are interested in learning more! Rhythm



LiftinLuxe is an expression of a variety of my different passions, including weight lifting, cooking, and dining out and socializing.  A majority of content features weekly meal prep and snack ideas, home cooked meals, and  healthy baked goods recipes.  Also featured are physique progress photos, exercise videos, and fitness advice.  I also like to incorporate my experiences at local eateries, and travel experiences.  Lastly, I’ve done a lot of product reviews for nutritional supplements, NYC based restaurants, and healthy snack items!

10 FullSizeRender46My mission is to build my LiftinLuxe brand around my own passion for  healthy living.  I spread the idea that healthy eating can also be flavorful and at times indulgent, and that following a fitness regimen doesn’t require sacrificing other hobbies and passions.  I hope to continue providing fitness and nutrition coaching to those who desire it, and have the opportunity to share with you the best food products, supplements, and experiences that are out there!

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